In this post, I have the latest MTK Flash Tool AUTH Bypass. the tool is the same user or works as SP FLASH TOOL. but in this tool, you have to give an already auth bypass option with this option you have easily the first bypass, and next you have to flash your phone. all needed tool is installed already on this portable tool. only connect your device with the boot key and follow the tool window. all flashing MTK phone with tested firmware because the tool is skip much error and forced flash your mobile. in this condition your mobile dead chance is more. if you check you have use firmware is working or fake.



  • DA SELECTION Manually
  • Scatter Selection Manually
  • AUTH File SELECTION Manually
  • Write Flash Option
  • in Mode Firmware_Upgrade
  • Download only
  • Format And Download
  • Format ALL
  • in Checksum USB+DRAM Checksum
  • Flash Checksum
  • ALL Checksum or None
  • In Button Section – Cancel, BYPASS AUTH, and DOWNLOAD 

How To Install & Use?

  1. First, you need to download the tool
  2. Next extract tool on C: Drive with Folder Without Space
  3. Now You have opened a tool as admin mode
  4. Now you have seen a tool main window
  5. Now select scatter, DA, AUTH file, and flash your phone.
  6. Enjoy!!!

Download Link:

Size:54 MB
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