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MTK Scatter Address V1.0.0 Tool Free Download – Working 100%

MTK Scatter Address 1.0.0 is a small tool for windows computer by Farok EI Joker. The Tool function is very simple only you need to scatter file, you can load scatter file and check those file all address like Format, FRP, User lock, Full Flashing Like Adress showing. once the tool is showing you all addresses then you simply open the sp flash tool and go to the Format tab and enter which address you need to format.


  • The program reads the files in the Scatter file and all the Scatter files for Android MTK phones with different models and companies. 
  • MTK Scatter Address program helps many software technicians who do not have specialized boxes to format and delete FRP from Android phones
  • It shows the most important security features in the Scatter file, such as the areas that hold a Google FRP account or the areas of User Data 
  • Also, the Persist area ads that we need when doing bypassing Mi Account in Xiaomi Phones
  • After downloading the MTK Scatter Address program from the link below, unzip it on your desktop and then run the program
  • And then choose which Scatter file for MTK flash you want to get formatted files, and remove FRP files from them
  • In the event that the Scatter file does not contain the important formats or the flash, the version is less than the Android 5.0 version
  • No ads will be shown in the program
  • As for the case that the Scatter file contains ads and protected areas such as modern OPPO phones or Xiaomi phones that carry MTK processors
  • The program will read all the important tutorials that we need and then you can use them to format the phone or delete FRP protection
  • And bypass Google accounts or bypass the Mi Account account using SP Flash Tool as shown in the pictures

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