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Muslim Odin Tool V3.0 Free Download For All Users Without Password

Muslim Odin Tool V3.0 Cracked is a small Google FRP unlock program made by Ali Hasani that allows users to Bypass FRP lock from Samsung and other Android phones through MTP mode. If you have a Samsung phone then you can use it for Firmware Flashing, Create ADB/MDM/Pit file, Download Samsung Odin FRP files, Also FRP reset in ADB, MTP, & Download Mode for free.


Muslim Odin v3.0

For the first time on the Earth, exclusive additions in the Islamic Udin and never before any program:

  • 1.. Opening the browser for some types without cable only with barcode technology, you will find it in the future stolen from the Islamic Audin, the software masterpiece 😊
  • 2.. Showing the Android version of the flash you choose in a way that no program has ever been in the world, even if the phone is closed in Password, and the way is the idea and application of Ali Hassani from the city of Fes Morocco.
  • 3.. Showing Android version of phone name and type processor for unknown flash to avoid errors only when placed in AP
  • 4.. The split feature has been modified, excluded flash files, and made each file appear in MB
  • 5.. When you want to edit the flash, the risk mark has been added near every file, and this sign tells you if the file is dangerous to avoid sending it to the phone and to adjust the flash and make a flash industry that does not have serious files with knowledge The program informs you by coloring all phones that are suffering from a disruptive and dangerous flight. With this program, you won’t turn off any phone if you watch and hear the explanations on my channel and are professional to deal with the program.
  • 6.. Added and developed contact gap to work in many phones
  • 7.. The device’s information reading feature has been developed in MTP mode to show the Android version and important information and succeed in many phones even if it’s locked in the password and this is also unique and exclusive
  • 8.. Added four coloring choices below right to put aesthetic to the program
  • 9.. The process of opening the browser was developed, and the program deleted the tariffs after completion and try again if the browser did not open the first time and new phones were also supported, although the program is very powerful and has no competitor in opening the browser to thousands of types.
  • 10.. The option of adding the link you want has been added with the explanation of the intention of making the gap and how to extract links from unknown phones
  • 11.. The files in the program and additions of thousands of new files have been modified as Root and Recovery files.
  • 12.. Added and removed Google account for thousands of types of MTK phonesAnd SPD in boot mode mod
  • 13.. Added a program to unlock bot protection and light MTK and SPD tariffs to solve problems
  • 14.. Flash adjustment has been accelerated and added a button to wash it, i.e. save it elsewhere to not get tired and adjust it every time, knowing that this feature is in the second version in the letter S
  • 15.. Saurus has been added to the Gitag feature to deal with male remembrance for those who don’t have money to buy expensive boxes and the program you can link Rider to the Memorial Card and benefit from the Gitag program
  • 16.. The arrow that was in the second edition has been changed to buttons showing pages to access Root, ADB, CERT, MDM, KG RMM, and RECOVERY modified
  • 17.. SETMD5 button and its guest is;When you have a flash or file and you edit it, the Islamic Odin accepts it easily, and the old Odin accepts it if it is in a format. The tarBut there is no way the ordinary Odin would accept it if it was in a formula. The tar. md5And the SETMD5 button is the conversion of the flashed flashes that you formulated ends with. The tar. md5 to official files or flashbacks which is a feature found only in Islamic Udin
  • 18.. The 300 k To Download Mode helps you to enter the phone in the filter mode if there is a problem with the buttons and it also works if the phone is dependent on the logo and you keep pressing it and the phone is connected to the computer Until the contact outlet appears
  • 19.. Out Download Mode button enables you to get out of the Download mode or the Smart Switch mode, which is a special filter mode
  • 20.. Reset Frp Adb button is used to remove Google account after the developer’s position in the phone whether it’s in the software or manual files
  • 21.. The Mtp Factory Reset button is used to make Format for phones and this feature works in many phones and if the phone is new and has a screen lock you can restart and keep pressing the button
  • 22.. Read Info Mtp button is used to read device information and version of Android in MTP mode. The Islamic Odin is the first program to show the Android version of old and new phones and considers Islamic Odin the first program to show the Flash-version of phones. Old and new and it’s better than magma at this point because the latter only supports showing the version of a few new phones
  • 23.. The Creat MDM button is used to manufacture a file to remove this MDM protection, of course, if you don’t find it on the program on the second page in the rectangle in the middle, which is a protection by some companies by modifying the MDM file which is found within sections The Flash
  • 24.. The Create Pit button is used to create an important file that makes compatibility between memory and system, and you can make it from the same flash, of course, if you don’t find it inside the program
  • 25.. BAR FRP button is used to unlock the browser without cable, which is an exclusive feature in the Islamic Udin that has never been shown before
  • 26.. The call 112 buttons are used to make connectivity for phones that hide the call button to help you remove the Google account with known gaps. This algorithm has been developed which works to work in many of the Phones
  • 27.. MTK / SPD button new system and new addition to Format and removal of Gog account for many SPD and MTK phones
  • 28.. Visit JITAG ISP to handle remembrances in an easy way as a Rider link for Memory Card, etc
  • 29.. Auto Reboot button or option is used to restart phones after the end of the flush process and must be removed when adjusting the flash and flush the j100h phone and wait because the reception is slow in that type and turn off quickly after finishing Very dangerous after that you can manually restart that phone to ensure a proper flush
  • 30.. The button or option of Nand Erase is used to delete files in the phone as flash files before sending a new one you choose, and this feature is important for phones that nothing changes after the breakdown and remains Memory is full, knowing that this feature is used only in extreme cases
  • 31.. The reset button is used to empty the boxes and return to default mode
  • 32.. Button It is used to adjust the flash, and it is important if you want to fix a particular area and avoid the death of phones, for example, I sent the bot file to activate the developer mode and phone cramp because of incompatibility, you can edit an official firmware and send the same file and the problem will be easily solved.
  • 33.. USE OPPO DA button in MTK area, of course, is used if the format process for oppo devices does not work, which is necessary to open the bots for it with Muslim Odin Boot Room Bypass program.
  • 34.. After making copies of a flash file inside a folder in the Red Square Windows near or to the right of the BL box, used to make PASTE past and arrange flash in the program, a quick and professional arrangement to shorten the time which is the capital of every tech. Phones
  • 35.. Inside the browser opening programs, a complete and exclusive explanation was added to solve the problem of browser opening definitions and benefit from this feature.
  • 36.. The Create ADB button is used to create the developer mode activation file. If you don’t find it in the program, and of course, you should know that if you don’t find the developer’s mode activation files in the program, know that that phone doesn’t support activating the developer mode with files.Also, the guest of this button is making a similar file from the same flash in the phone to fix if there is a cramp in the system due to sending a not compatible file…. There are many features in the program that cannot be written in the whole post so you have to watch the video on my channel to know how to deal with the program

How To Use?

  1. First, need to download all loader and setup files from the below link
  2. Next, extract all files at the desktop by creating a folder which you need any name
  3. Next, open the “modin.exe” (loader file bypass the login screen)
  4. Now back to the folder and run the main “Muslim Odin v3.0 By Ali Hassani +212676866794.exe” in an admin mode
  5. You can do not close the loader if you have closed loader then is need to enter all details username password windows not bypass
  6. The next tool interface is open you need a function click on there unlocks flash your Samsung phone.

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