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Neon Installer 1.5.7 Free Download | Best Tool For Unlocking MTK Phones!!!

Neon MTK Tool 1.5.7 is a small tool for Windows computers. which allows users to remove FRP, Unlock, Flashing, Credit base some service or DA Auth login bypass. AUTH login is not added in this version but the developer says is available next weekend. you can use also any external way to auth bypass tool Like asbun and flash or format operation done with this tool.


Features Neon tool: 

  • Server Operation

– Choose Device Brand – After Choosing your phone manufacturer press the next button.- Choose a Model Number – After choosing a phone model press the next button- Choose an operation for your model – Press the Flash button to start the process-Flashing Console – at the end of the is auto download all required files from the server and unlock your phone. you do need to download any external way to any file.

  • Operation Support:
  1. Factory Reset
  2. FRP Remove
  3. Flashing
  4. Repair IMEI
  5. Repair Network
  6. Unlock From Server – Credit Base
  7. Auto-Detect
  • In MTK | AUTO:

– Device Information

  1. sparse image
  2. Brand
  3. Model
  4. CPU Abi
  5. Firmware Region
  6. LCD version
  7. CHIP
  8. Android Version
  9. Read INFO Button

– Supported Operation A|S

  1. Choose Da File
  2. Choose AUTH File
  3. Choose Cert File

– Available Server Firmware


  • – Flashing TAB
  • CHIP – EMMCZIP/Scatter
  • DA FIle
  • AUTH File
  • CERT FileBIN/Part File
  • Part UserBackup Dir
  • ZIP Auto Extract
  • Write Format Enable preloader
  • Backup first encrypt firmware
  • Enable DRAM 1st DA
  • Flash Device Upload | Update- Operation Type:
  • Remove FRP
  • Format DATA
  • Remove FRP DATA
  • Format Custom Partition
  • Download
  • Flash Custom Partition
  • Flash ZIPDUMP With ScatterBackup Custom Partition
  • Read info
  • Read Full Flash bin
  • Write Full Flash bin- In Extras Support Function | Nokia NB0 Unpacker/ExtractorIndex
  • OffsetSize
  • FileName
  • ExtractNB0 File Selector
  • OUTPUT File Folder Select
  • List Content
  • Extract and Stop Button

Changelog 1.5.7!!!

  • -Save updater version to registry
  • -Give the other process time to exit
  • -All good
  • -Blackbox system is live
  • -Fix versioning
  • -Fix version
  • -Fix versions
  • -Fix msvc version
  • -Update 1 missing DLL
  • -Restore lprocess and version

How To Use?

  1. First download installer/Setup file from below link
  2. Open extract file with WinRAR and move on desktop
  3. Now run the installer as an admin
  4. Ensure the internet is running when you have the installer run
  5. Install automatically all required file you have to wait to finish it
  6. After all, the download is complete back to the desktop and runs the tool from there
  7. On the first time, you have to need to register the tool – from the registration window | no need to verify details
  8. Once you have created an account successfully log in and start work with tools.

Download Links:

install microsoft visual c++ fix DLL Error

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