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New – Apk Toolkit By 0xd00d -2023 Free Download

ApkToolkit is a powerful native windows app designed for Reverse Engineering Android apps. ApkToolkit makes the process of decompiling, compiling, extracting, and reducing XAPK, APK, and JAR files simpler by providing a variety of tools at fingertips.

One of the unique features of ApkToolkit is its ability to check and align XAPK and APK files to ensure that they are optimized for performance. For developers who wish to ensure the quality of their code, the application also gives you the option to sign and check the signature of APK files.

ApkToolkit is also equipped with tools for disassembling and assembling DEX, ODEX, and OAT files using Baksmali and Smali. The code of Android apps can be easily analysed and modified by developers thanks to this functionality. Additionally, the app can convert XAPK and split XAPK files to single APK files with just a few clicks.

Very new users can use ApkToolkit because of its user-friendly interface and simple layout. Drag and drop support for single or multiple files further simplifies the process of reverse engineering Android apps. You can also pin the ApkToolkit window so that it remains on top of other windows, ensuring that you can always access it when you need it.

ApkToolkit also includes features for automating common tasks, such as adding a mod menu, patched libs, or a toast message to an app on startup. Performing so, developers may easily add tweaks to their programmes while also saving time and effort.

In addition to these features, ApkToolkit provides detailed information about apps, including whether an app includes native 32-bit or 64-bit libs and/or global-metadata.dat and The app also includes il2cppdumper and dnspy, which can be used to dump and view code instantly without decompiling XAPK and APK files.

To use ApkToolkit, you will need a Windows operating system, as it is a native Windows app. Additionally, Java and .NET Framework are required for some of the additional tools provided by the app.

Credit goes to : XDA


Decompiling/Compiling/Extracting/ZipDecompiles, compiles, extracts, and zips various file formats including xapk, apk, and jar.
ZipAlign or Check AlignChecks and aligns xapk and apk files, ensuring compatibility with the Android platform.
Sign or Verify SignatureSigns and verifies apk signatures, ensuring the authenticity of Android apps.
Assemble or DisassembleAssembles and disassembles dex, odex, and oat files using Baksmali and Smali.
Convert xapk/split xapk to single APKConverts xapk or split xapk files into single apk files.
View App InfoViews app info, including native 32-bit/64-bit libs, global-metadata.dat, and
Il2cppdumper and dnspy Built-inDumps files directly without decompiling from xapk and apk and then views them instantly in dnspy.
Automate Adding Mod-MenuAutomates adding a mod menu to xapk or apk files with a single mouse click.
Automate Adding Patched LibsAutomates adding patched libs to xapk or apk files.
Automate Adding Toast MessageAutomates adding a toast message to an app on startup.


Windows (ApkToolkit is a native windows app)

Java for additional tools

.net framework for additional tools

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