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Read Token Update By PK3M (For iOS 14.x) All Donate To Dr. Moe

Read Token Update By PK3M IOS 14.x Download Window Tool Free Tool Permanently Toggle Off Find My iPhone, iPad locked passcode, iPhone disabled, menu open. Checkra1n, uncover, will Jailbreak this method operating with iDevices. The password has not been updated by the iCloud account.


  • Read iOS 13.x
  • Read iOS 14.x
  • Clear All Screen
  • App Token Generate

How To Use?

  1. Using Checkra1nn, Jailbreak Your iPhone
  2. Open Token Tool for FMI
  3. Click on Dump
  4. You get tokens after 10-15 Sec.
  5. Open FMI OFF Tool Now
  6. Copy and paste FMI OFF Tool 3 Token from FMI Token Tool
  7. Click Search > Display Device Info, and then click Device Info to display
  8. Select Delete now
  9. 200-That ‘s FMI OFF Mean Done Off
  10. Now, using 3utools, you flash your iPhone. DONE- Enjoy yourself.

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