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RenQCNTool V0.0.0.001 by Renas Khalil Free Download

RenQCNTool is a small tool for Qualcomm devices. the tool is a gift by Renas Khalil for all users. the tool helps you to backup and restore QCN files and also you can edit the QCN file with help of this tool. QCN file needs for repair imei number of your qualcomm device, ensure before using the tool please connect the device to diag mode. you can search on the internet for how to enable diag mode.

In order to repair the IMEI on android devices running on Qualcomm Chipset, you can also write the same existing IMEI number on your device or you can write a new IMEI number of your Qualcomm device. All you are required to have 16 digits of the IMEI number and fill it in the IMEI columns.

What is the QCN file?

QCN stands for Qualcomm Calibration Network file

Basically, QCN file built-in in all the latest android mobile phones. QCN is the main and sensitive file of the network, hidden in the deepest core of the mobile phone internal memory file system (in the efs folder, where all information of imei and baseband are saved).

All qualcomm based phones supported QCN files, especially all SAMSUNG Galaxy and the latest ANDRIOD mobile phone devices which are available in the market.

If phone EFS erased, wiped – phone calibration erased – and the phone does not see network/not see 3g/2g/LTE network we need to write QCN file for repair these problems.

QCN file same for all phones of same models?

No, exist a lot of hardware revision of PCB and a lot of different firmware for the same phone. Better to have a collection of a few QCN for the same phone model, a few times tested and after using the same QCN 1st phone can work good and the second phone can not work properly. So the conclusion is this one qcn file is not for all mobile phones.

Can QCN fix the UNKNOWN BASEBAND phone?

No, but if you write QCN from the wrong model, you can get UNKNOWN BASEBAND! Because you can write QCN only if the phone modem works. If you see UNKNOWN baseband on your phone so it means the modem does not do work properly.

Where I can get QCN File?

You can download QCN files from the internet but the best and professional way is to copy or read a qcn file from a fresh mobile phone active and not from branded mobile phones.

What will QCN files affect the imei of mobile phones?

No, if you using Z3X products for writing QCN, this will not touch your NV and imei of your mobile phone.

If we see CERTI(FAIL) problem we can be fixed by writing QCN?

No – CERT (signature for imei) does not have any relation to MODEM CALIBRATION.


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IMEI Change or any illegal activity is a crime, please do not use a tool for changing or removing IMEI numbers.

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the zip file on your computer from the below link.
  2. Next, extract the file at the desktop (Ensure you have disabled antivirus otherwise tool is not run)
  3. Next, open the folder and run the “RenQCNTool.exe“.
  4. Next, connect the device in a diag port mode. and try to backup or restore the qcn file on your Qualcomm device.
  5. Done !!! Enjoy the tool

Download Link:

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