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Samsung Firmware Downloader Windows V0.5.1 Free Download

Have you ever tried to download firmware files for your Samsung device? If you have tried to do so, you are probably familiar with the procedure, and how annoying it can get sometimes. You need to go to an online site, search for your phone model, enter the firmware version you want to download, and then wait for a few hours for the download process to be completed. Even though firmware files are only 2-3GB in size at most, and can be downloaded in under 10 minutes, the most popular firmware sharing sites implement a download speed limit, which stretches download times to a few hours.

Samsung Firmware Downloader


Manual firmware downloads and downloading from the firmware history feature have been disabled for now. Samsung changed something on the backend and always serves the latest available firmware, no matter which is requested.

If you know of a workaround, please follow up on this issue.

Features Samsung Firmware Downloader:

Our website comes as an ultimate firmware database for literally every Samsung mobile device despite the OS, build date, or model. The key reasons to opt for are as follows:

• Easy to download
• Free to download the max speed link
• Free Samsung updates to install.
• A detailed list of firmware with regions and specs.
• 100% secure downloading process.
• Official Samsung firmware download.

How To Use?

  1. Extract the release ZIP for Windows and go through the folders until you find “Samsung Firmware Downloader.exe“.
  2. Launch the EXE. If it fails, launch as Administrator.
  3. Click on the Downloader tab and check the Manual box.
  4. Enter your phone’s model number and the region code.
  5. Click the Download button. The tool will start to download the latest firmware.
  6. Once the download process is finished, you can take the downloaded firmware and flash it using Odin. Check out our detailed article about Odin if you want to know how to use flash firmware files.

Download Link:

Source Link: CLICK

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