Tool Pro V1.12 FREE FMI OFF Open Menu, Bypass, and many more Free Download

In this post, I have the latest version of Tool Pro v1.12 Which helps users to remove the iCloud lock from all jailbreak devices permanently. the tool is developed by the 1Cracked team from Telegram he was service all types of services GSM Related. the tool is freeware you can download and install it on your Windows computer and run it. Tool Pro 1.2 is the latest update is released by today in this update some server issue is fix and many more changes you can see once you have used this tool.

Tool Pro V1.12

Features Tool Pro V1.12: 

  • In iCloud TAB

In this tab, you have to find a lot of options for removing the iCloud lock and disable the passcode. You can Perform Backup tasks, Activate tasks, Check For Backup tasks, Erase tasks. and in Bypass Option, you have to Tethered Bypass, Untethered bypass, and Exit option is preset. in INFO Log you have to check Model, iOS Version, Serial, UID, IMEI, and Status. in advanced Option you have to use For SKIP Setup, mrtroBut…, Disable Baseband, Reboot After activation.

  • In FMI TAB

In this tab, you have to FMI OFF in Open Menu, Fiddler Token, Manual, Pincode AUTO, Pincode Manual option is present.

How To Use?

  1. First download too
  2. Extract setup on desktop
  3. Run setup and install on your computer with instructions of the tool
  4. Setup Password is “1Cracked
  5. Now you have to select on which location you have to need to install the tool
  6. After installation complete go to there location which you have installed this tool
  7. and run the Bypass.exe file
  8. Now Jailbreak your device and connect it to pc
  9. And choose from the tool that you need
  10. Enjoy!!!
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Download Tool:

NAMETool Pro V1.12
Size137.4 MB

By Yogesh Joshi

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