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(UniSoC) SPRD Upgrade Tool for Windows Free Download

SPRD Upgrade Tool is a software program used by technicians and developers to flash or install firmware on devices running on Spreadtrum or UniSoc chipsets. The tool come with a lots of features that easy your work.

One of the most notable features of the SPRD Upgrade Tool is its support for multiple languages. The tool offers Chinese and English support, which makes it accessible to a broad range of users who speak either language. This feature also expands the potential audience of the tool and enhances its accessibility for individuals and professionals alike.

Another key feature of the SPRD Upgrade Tool is its compatibility with both .lod and .cfp firmware files. Users can provide the main .lod file with the correct header information and also add a .cfp file if they want. This makes the tool versatile for different firmware types and offers users the flexibility they need to update their devices.

The SPRD Upgrade Tool also offers different connection options. Users can connect through USB or COM ports, depending on what works best for their setup. This feature allows for flashing multiple phones simultaneously, but users should be careful when mixing USB and COM connections in the same session.

The tool also has an erase function that removes all the data from the FLASH memory, including radio frequency calibration data. This ensures that the device is clean before installing new firmware, preventing issues from leftover data.

Additionally, the SPRD Upgrade Tool has a function that saves settings for faster and easier firmware upgrades. Users can select the port, initialize factory data, and perform phase checks. This gives them better control and customization to suit their individual needs.


Multiple Language SupportThe tool offers Chinese and English language support, making it accessible to a broader audience.
Firmware CompatibilityThe tool works with both .lod and .cfp firmware files, making it versatile for different firmware types.
Connection OptionsUsers can connect through USB or COM ports for flashing multiple phones simultaneously.
Erase FunctionThe tool has an erase feature that removes all data from the FLASH memory.
Save SettingsUsers can save settings for faster and easier firmware upgrades and have better control and customization over their upgrades.

How to install .lod firmware on Spreadtrum or UniSoc devices using the SPRD Upgrade Tool:

Ensure that your device is charged to at least 40-50%, and take a complete backup of your device. Also, download and install the necessary drivers and tools, including the SPD Driver and SPRD Upgrade Tool.

  • Power off your SPD/UniSoc device and connect it to your computer via USB cable while holding the boot key.
  • Launch the SPRD Upgrade Tool by double-clicking on the fpupgrade.exe file (found inside the SPRD Upgrade Tool folder).
  • Once the SPRD Upgrade Tool is launched, enable the English language option by clicking on the English checkbox.
  • Click on the LOD Browse button and locate the .lod firmware of your device from the computer.
  • Once the .lod firmware is loaded in the tool, click on the Start button to begin the firmware flashing process.
  • The firmware flashing process usually takes a few seconds to complete.
  • Once the flashing process is completed, you will get a passed message at the end.
  • Congratulations! Now, close the SPRD Upgrade Tool, disconnect the device from the computer and restart it.

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