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Xtool Software Version Crack Nokia Downgrade & Xiaomi repair Security

Xtool software version crack is a small tool for windows computer and it is crack by a secret person I don’t know. the crack is working without any activation or buy any licence or box/dongle is fully working. the tool helps you to Remove Security lock from Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia. it also supports multiple operations on all those smartphones. I have described all function below, you can check it and enjoy the crack.

Features DTPRO Xtool Software Version


– C- read Information + Fix Security 


– ????Services TAB
– Write Devices information- Write select partition firmware
– ????ScreenLock
No Function has been updating on this tab you can wait for a new update to use these features.
– Factory Reset- Unlock Bootloader- Erase FRP
– ????TOOLS
it is also under the development stage you can wait for the new update to use these.


– ????Service TAB
– Read Information- FLASH- FIX- REPAIR


– READ INFORMATION- View Device Information- Write Device Information- Write Select partition Firmware- Factory Reset- Unlock Bootloader


Nokia Update

Supported All Versions of Nokia 4.2 For Unlock BootloaderSupported All Versions of Nokia 3.2 For Unlock BootloaderFlash Nokia 3.2 Supported All Versions (DownGrade Supported)Flash Nokia 4.2 Supported All Versions (DownGrade Supported)MDM Claro payment message SupportedUpdated firmware for Nokia 3.2 Deadpool in SupportUpdated firmware for Nokia 4.2 Panther in Support

Xiaomi Update

Added Read information +Fix Security for All Xiaomi QCOMMMiui 11 Supported for Enable DiagNote8 “GinkGo” Supported for Fix Security in Factory StateNote8 “GinkGo” Supported for Enable Diag port in Factory StateNote7 Series -Supported for Fix Security in Factory StateNote7 Series -Supported for Enable Diag port in Factory State

How To Use?

 1.Power off the phone. Remove SD and SIM cards 2.Press and hold “Vol-” and “Vol+” keys and insert the USB cable 3.Wait until the phone enters the ‘Fastboot’ mode

Download Link:

DOWNLOAD – 31.5 MB \ MIRROR – 31.5 MB

This software is only for technical research and use,  please do not use it for illegal purposes, otherwise, all the consequences will be borne by yourself!

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  1. Please can u give any password required for installation and activation and how to use it to I want to removed redmi8 mi account


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