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Zenon 1.7 Tool FULL Version – A Free Multi-Task Tool for Windows

Zenon 1.7 Tool is a free multi-tasking tool designed specifically for Windows computers. This tool is a similar to the Samfw tool, users with a wide range of functions that can be performed with just a single click. The tool offers more functions than Samfw, making it an essential tool for Windows users.

Zenon 1.7 Tool

Zenon 1.7 Tool offers a variety of new features and updates, making it an even more powerful tool for users. Some of the most notable new features include the addition of new unlock models EDL for Vivo and Oppo, as well as the addition of Qualcomm EFS function. Additionally, the tool has added more auto loaders and moved them to the database, making it even easier for users to find and use.

One of the most important updates in Zenon 1.7 Tool is the fix for duplicate loading EDL firmware. Users can expect lots of time and effort savings thanks to this important change. The tool also fixes known bugs, such as the random popping issue and security concerns.

Supported Models Zenon 1.7 Tool:

VivoV11 Pro PD1814F
VivoV15 Pro PD1832F-EMMC
VivoV15 Pro PD1832F-UFS
VivoV17 PD1948F
VivoV17 Pro PD1931F
VivoV19 PD1969F
VivoV19 Neo PD1948F
VivoV20 PD2039F
VivoV20 Pro PD2020F
VivoV20 SE PD2038F
VivoV20 2021 PD2067F
VivoV21 4G | V21E 4G PD2107F
VivoX5 PD1401F
VivoX5 Max PD1408F
VivoX5 Pro PD1421F
VivoX7 PD1602
VivoX7 Plus PD1603
VivoX20 PD1709F
VivoX20 Plus PD1710F
VivoX21 PD1728F
OppoA71 CPH1801
OppoF17 CPH2095
OppoF19 CPH2219
OppoF19S CPH2223
OppoF21 Pro CPH2363
OppoFind N 5G PEUM00
OppoFind X2 CPH2023
OppoFind X2 Lite CPH2005
OppoFind X2 Neo CPH2009
OppoFind X2 Pro CPH2025
OppoFind X3 PEDM00
OppoR9 Plus X9079
OppoR9S CPH1607
XiaomiRedmi Note 5 Pro
XiaomiRedmi Note 6 Pro
XiaomiRedmi Note 7
XiaomiRedmi Note 7 Pro
XiaomiRedmi Note 8
XiaomiRedmi Note 8 Pro
XiaomiRedmi Note 9
XiaomiRedmi Note 9 Pro
XiaomiRedmi Note 9S
XiaomiRedmi Note 10
XiaomiRedmi Note 10 Pro
XiaomiRedmi Note 10S
XiaomiRedmi 9
XiaomiRedmi 9A
XiaomiRedmi 9C
XiaomiRedmi 10X 4G
XiaomiRedmi 10X 5G
XiaomiRedmi K20
XiaomiRedmi K20 Pro
XiaomiRedmi K30
XiaomiRedmi K30 Pro
XiaomiRedmi K30 5G
XiaomiRedmi K40
XiaomiRedmi K40 Pro
XiaomiRedmi K40 Gaming Edition
XiaomiPoco F1
XiaomiPoco F2 Pro
XiaomiPoco X2
XiaomiPoco X3
XiaomiPoco X3 Pro
XiaomiPoco M3
XiaomiPoco M3 Pro

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Zenon 1.7 Tool FULL Version is an excellent free tool for Windows users that offers a variety of new and updated features, making it even more powerful than before. Its many works in one tool capabilities and ability to perform a wide range of functions with just a single click make it an important tool for Windows users.

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