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Jio Phone F10Q Fake Charging Solution With Jumper – 2023

If you are a Jio Phone F10Q user, you might have experienced the fake charging issue. The charger appears to be functioning well when you attach it to your phone, but the battery level does not rise as a result. This issue can be annoying, especially if you depend on your phone for many of your everyday tasks. Fortunately, there is a simple fix that you can do at home to solve the fake charging problem.

The solution to this problem involves creating a jumper to bypass the faulty charging port on your phone. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: take out the battery.

The first step is to remove the back cover of your Jio Phone F10Q and take out the battery.

Step 2: Locate the Charging Port

Finding your phone’s charging port is the next step. It is usually located at the bottom of the phone.

Step 3: Identify the Pins

Find the pins that are in charge of charging your phone by taking a careful look at the charging port. These pins are typically found in the port’s center.

Step 4: Create the Jumper

Using a piece of wire, create a jumper by connecting the positive and negative pins on the charging port. This jumper will bypass the faulty charging port and allow your phone to charge normally.

Step 5: Reassemble the Phone

After creating the jumper, carefully reinsert the battery into your phone and reassemble the back cover.

Step 6: Charge Your Phone

Finally, connect your charger to your Jio Phone F10Q and check if the battery is charging correctly. Your phone’s charging indicator and the rising battery level should both indicate that everything is in order.


The Jio Phone F10Q is an excellent device for its price range, but it is not without its faults. Several customers have encountered the issue of fake charging, which fortunately is a straightforward one that can be resolved with a straightforward jumper. You can make a jumper and get around your phone’s defective charging port by using the procedures described above, which will enable you to charge your phone normally.

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