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AppleGSX by LigtelGSM V1.8 Latest Update Free Download

AppleGSX by LigtelGSM V1.8

Well, I see that many do not know what the program is for, I will give you a little talk.

AppleGSX by LigtelGSM – When iPhone has a memory error many times it is necessary to change it and when it is damaged it does not have certain data, what are they? SN, BT, MAC, Color, etc are data that you will not have because unless you have the box physically you can have it, the only thing you have is a physical IMEI on the back or on the tray.

and with it, we paid GSX, which is a permit to people who have an apple console and can consult that data, and for that reason we paid and thus we could give life to the cell phone, eye, life, not unlocking or anything…. the customer is happy just to turn on their equipment. 

AppleGSX by LigtelGSM V1.8 Latest Update Free Download

Now with this, it is not necessary because when placing the equipment with DCSC or tools that fulfill the same task, then it obtains the information directly from the equipment, something that could not before Jailbreak existed, Everyone thinks that the jailbreak only serves for the iCloud account, but they are wrong, the world of repairs that opened that door is immensely large because it was possible to provide diagnostics for kernel panic and other factors and even changes and memory repair in errors 4013 and others without having to open the equipment. 

Those of us who work directly in hardware understand that world, it is good business and do not think that everything serves only to unlock, hardware development is a beautiful world that I love and that I really recommend you always take into consideration, raising the dead is our purpose and the client when their eyes shine after seeing it working is the largest payment that a technician can receive, apart from the payment, of course, it is hahahahah, but that, imagine if this was a small summary all that I could explain to you with this Greetings.

DOWNLOAD – AppleGSX by LigtelGSM V1.8

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