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REFOX V3.5 Beta Free Schematic Diagram Tool Free Download | Support | Xiaomi | Samsung | Huawei | VIVO | OPPO

As an assistant software for micro-soldering technicians, Refox is renewable and free.

Refox is a concise and smooth bitmap software that provides reliable schematics and board files for Apple/Samsung/Huawei (so far) motherboard repair.


Like ZXW, Wuxinji, and other bitmap software, REFOX is also an encrypted one. And it might be treated as a malicious program or a virus by the anti-virus software when being installed. Therefore, please turn off the anti-virus software on your computer before downloading REFOX. Or you can also set REFOX as a trusted program in the anti-virus software after downloading. For detailed operation, please check our installation instructions here.

Features Rofox 3.5: 

  • Bitmap view, schematic diagram, and double view.
  • Diode mode value and voltage value reference.
  • Brands with high repairable values are covered.
  • Just download and register, you can use it free.
  • No monthly, yearly subscription need is completely free
  • No Need to download any pdf file
  • No need for any special requirement
  • Run-on any windows os
  • Available on MAC os also
  • Support Iphone, Samsung, Oppo, VIVO, Xiaomi, Huawei

???? DOWNLOAD – REFOX V3.5 Beta Free Schematic Diagram Tool

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