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Download iBypasser CFG v2.0 Free – 2022

In this post, I have a new tool released by the iBypasser developer for windows computers. the tool iBypasser CFG V2.0 is specially designed for reconfiguring idevice which most used utility. the tool is the complete set of all utilities in a single GUI tool. some functions need to credit balance or temporarily jailbreak your iDevice. I have below in the features section describe all functions you can check them.

iBypasser CFG v2.0

Features iBypasser CFG:

Enable Diag mode – Basic repair Mode

  • Select com port
  • Connect iDevice
  • Read SysCFG
  • Backup SysCFG
  • Restore SysCFG Backup
  • Flash

Advance Repair Options

  • Unbind/Unlock WiFi
  • iCloud Unlock
  • Fix JP Camera A5-A9+ (CPU)
  • Reboot iDevice
  • Factory Reset Device
  • Fix Facetime (e.g. UAE)
  • Nand Format

SysCFG Options

SN:, Mode, Region, Color, Wifi Mac, BMac, EMac, MLB, Model, NVSN, NsrN, LCM, Battery, BCMS, FCMS, MtSN

Write All Selected SysCFG


- Improved performance
- Fixed some bugs

Download Link:

NameiBypasser CFG v2.0
Size22.9 MB

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