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Download ROM2Box Tool V3.1 (Latest Update)

ROM2Box is a smartphone repairing software created by ROMProvider.COM, by using this tool You can Repair many smartphones for free without any authentication. The tool Support QCOM, Mediatek & spreadtrum smartphones Including many Download Disabled Phones from Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Realme.

Features ROM2BOX:


  • must Wipe user data after Flashing Mediatek Firmware
  • if any boot loops after flashing, Just Write preloader (Which is dumped on every MTK action)
  • for Oppo/Realme flashing delete all partitions from the firmware folder Include the Name ‘Oppo’


  • Portable, Just extract

Require USB Driver:

Read MTK Firmware:

  • there are 2 options to Read Firmware, First Flash.bin, and other Partitions
  • WWR MTK tool Requires to Extracting Flash.bin or dump partition Instead


  • Connect the phone in VCOM Mod, Go to Mediatek/Firmware reader, and click the desired button

Read QCOM Firmware:

  • EMMCDL Single Method, FH-Loader Not Included


  • Go to QCOM/Firmware Reader Select Firehose, Select USB COM, and Click Read.
  • Note: if any error like a firehose, Sahara, or wrong file selection may cause Immediate CMD close

Disable Auth:

  • Go to Mediatek/service/Disable auth

Mediatek unlocks the bootloader:

  • Go to Mediatek/service/bootloader unlock

QCOM Disable Auth:

  • all Included devices pre-patched


  • try


  • MTK Client from B.Kerler
  • Platform tools from Google
  • Android LIB from Regaw@XDA
  • Spreadtrumn tools in unison
  • compile & GUI by ROMProvider.COM (Source available on Git)


added advance fastboot mod
added advance EDL Mod
one click fastboot unbrick option
added Xiaomi sideload (rn8)
Mediatek Masked brings a better experience
added a fully working QCOM firmware reader for both ufs and emmc
added an additional option to create the raw program
design and console improvement
ADB added an option to read a partition table
Samsung Added Following Model Via EDL One Click FRP, Read, Flash, Safe Format for A015, A02s,A115f,A70,J4,J4,M01,M02,M11
honor added following Model Read Firmware/ Flash Firmware: honor 50, honor 50 pro, honor 50 lite, honor 60, nova 8i & test for Nova 9, Nova 9 Pro, nova 10, Nova 10 Pro, Huawei Mate 50e
Oppo Realme added support for the following model FRP, Reset a77s, k10 4G, Oppo-A36-PESM10, Oppo-K7-5G-PCLM50, Read Flash Reset erase for GT-Master-Explorer, Oppo-K10-Vitality-Edition, Oppo-Pad-OPD2101, realme-x50m, realme-x50t, Reno2-5G-CPH1907, Reno-3-vitality, Reno-5G, Reno-7-5G-PFJM10 test model find x3, find x3 lite
Asus: added support for Zenfone 7 Pro, Zenfone 8, Zenfone 5, ROG 6, ROG 5, ROG 2, ROG3, Max M2
Lenovo: added support for K12 Pro, Q706F
Meizu: added Support for Meizu 18s Pro, 15 Lite, 16, 16th, 16th Plus,
Other: added support for AGM X3, AGM A9


Run Install.bat & type yes to replace old files
must wipe user data after flashing Mediatek firmware
if any boot loops after flashing, Just write preloader (which is dumped on every MTK function)
for Oppo/Realme flashing delete all partitions from the firmware folder Include the Name ‘Oppo’

Download Links:

NameROM2Box Tool V3.1
Size2.5 GB
LinkTera Box

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