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[FREE] How To Enable Call Recording on Samsung Smartphone – 2021 | Free Download APK

Enable Native Call Recording function manually: Do you want to enable call recording in Samsung mobile? If yes then you have landed in the right place. Today in this post we will show you how to enable hidden call recording function on any Samsung smartphone?

As we all know Samsung devices come with lots of great and eye-catching features. These amazing features are the only reason to make it more popular for the Smartphone market. But if we talk about the Samsung call recorder function, you will not see the native call recording function out of the box.

Actually, it’s not because of hardware compatibility issues; it’s just because of security reasons. In some countries, it’s in-legal according to law. Technically call recording function is available in almost all Samsung phones but the company hides it for users.

So if you really want to add a call recording feature to your Samsung phone, follow the tutorial and enable hidden call recording in your Samsung phone easily.

If you try to check, most of the big Smartphone brands are not including the call recording option on their devices. Yes, These OEMs deliberately leave this feature out and don’t include it in the OS.

So if you are an advanced android user then it’s really very easy to install call recording on Samsung mobile without using any third-party apps. Get root access on the device, install the root browser app and add a call recording script in the root directory of the device. That’s it.

Don’t worry, all the steps are described below with necessary screenshots.

Call recording isn’t legal in some countries because it’s illegal to record the call without explicit permission from the other party so that Samsung doesn’t add this feature to all countries and it’s limited only to few countries, So make sure to check your country or stat’s law before enabling this feature to your device.

Pre-Requirements To Enable Hidden Call Recording In Samsung Phone

  • Samsung phone must be rooted. If you are new to rooting, check our root section to find different root guides for different devices.
  • Follow all the steps as shown below properly.
  • Add the “Samsung native call recording script or code” in the proper location.
  • Don’t mess-up or change the code in any how condition. It’s a universal code for call recording function [only for Samsung].
  • One single wrong step may brick the device permanently. So do it at your own risk.

How To Enable Call Recording In Samsung Phones

In order to add a call recording function to any Samsung phone, root access is a must. Without rooting, you can’t use this android trick in any how condition. So root your own Samsung phone first. If already rooted, go ahead to the next step.

Download Call recording apps and browser

  • Root Browser app from Google Play Store- Download
  • Samsung Call Recording code – DOWNLOAD / Mirror

Direct code


Steps to enable call recording in Samsung Mobile

Make sure your Samsung device is already rooted, otherwise this trick will not work on non-rooted Samsung phones.

  • At first download “Call recording script for Samsung” from the above download section.
  • Connect the device with pc and transfer this “Call recording script” into your phone device. [We will use it in the next step]
  • Unplug the device with pc, download the “Root Browser” app from the Google play store, and install it.
  • Now copy the downloaded “Call recording script” or “Code” from your phone storage.
samsung call recording code
  • Now open the “Root browser app” on your device. If you are using it the first time, it will ask you to allow root access. Just click ok for root privilege.
  • Next, scroll down the screen and open the System” folder >> CSC folder.
enable native call recording in samsung phones
  • Scroll down the screen again and find the “Others.xml” file & open it into “RB text editor”.
samsung native call recording
  • Now you will see the next screen with coding, just scroll down the screen and come to the bottom of the screen.
  • Long press just above the </Featureset> and paste the “Call recording script” as shown below. Make sure, you are placing the correct code incorrect place. Otherwise, it may brick the device.
  • Check the code again properly, if everything is ok click on the “Save” icon from the top of the screen. Don’t forget to save the file. It’s a must.
samsung call recording code
  • Now exit from the app and reboot the device for once. A reboot is a must to implement the changes. Otherwise, the call recording function will not work for you.
  • After reboot, the device now’s the time to check your native call recording feature on the device. Open the phone dialer app and dial any number and this time you should see the call recording option on the Samsung phone dallier app.
samsung call recording function
  • Congratulations!!! You have successfully installed native call recording feature on Samsung mobile.

Troubleshooting Q&A

Q1 Native call recorder not showing on Samsung phone dialler app

Ans. Make sure you have followed all the steps properly as shown above. After adding the code into the root directory, don’t forget the save and reboot the device.

Q2 My Samsung phone not restarting after adding call recording script and bricked now.

Ans. If the device is not rebooting or stuck on the Samsung logo that means, your device is bricked now. Don’t worry download firmware, Odin flash tool, and flash it again. Firmware flashing will fix the issue.

Call Recording With Third Party Apps [For Non-Rooted]

If you really don’t want to root the device or want to record incoming calls without root then you may use third-party apps from the Google play store. There are so many apps are available for the call recording options. Moreover, you may try them for any android phone like Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, and Motorola, etc. We already tested a few of them to check their performance and work. But before diving into a suggestion, it’s a must to know that these types of apps rely solely on your microphone to record both incoming and outgoing audio.

Here is a list of free call recording apps

So guys this is a trick to enable native call recording in Samsung phones. If you are trying to add a call recording function in Samsung phones without root then you can download it from the play store but remember those apps will not perform better with all functionality. So rooting method is a more reliable method to solve your recording purpose.

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