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[WINDOWS] The Ghost Tool V2.3 Free Download

In this post, I have shared with you the latest version of the ghost tool. it is allowed users to bypass FRP, unlock the network, Samsung lots of models support FRP ONE-CLICK, and more. in this new update new models support, also you have not to face any error when connecting your device. now GSM Heart is giving you to use this tool for 45 days after you have contacted the team and increase your validity. how much for increase validity is not tell by the developer but I try to contact and update full information about the reactivation of this tool.

The Ghost Tool

Features The Ghost tool 2.3:

The Ghost Tool V 2.3 Is Released With Exclusive Features First In The World :


  1. Add Bypass Security To Make Repair Imei For All Xiaomi SnapDragon 865 Devices (First In The World)2. Full Support Repair Imei1 & Imei
  2. For All Devices             (First In The World)
  3. Full Suport Read/Write Qcn
  4. Add Backup/Restore Security (Twrp)
  5. Add Fix Security Single/Dual Devices (Twrp)                 
  6. (First In The World) his Feature Also Help You To Convert Device From Single To Dual or Dual To Single
  7. Auto Detect Special Devices And Enable Special Diag
  8. All Devices Is Supported Without Erase Efs Without Write Qcn
  9. All Firmware Is Supported Official/Eng Rom

Note: If You Erased Efs You Maybe Need To Write Qcn In Some Cases


  • Add Erase Efs Mtk Fastboot
  • Add Erase FRP FastBoot
  • Add Reset Mi Account (Unlocked/Not Supported All Devices)
  • Fix Flashing Fastboot Problem With Some Newest Devices


1. Added Restore Original Imei Old Devices (Root)2. Add Repair Serial Number (Root)


1. Add Enable Diag One Plus (Root)2. Add Remove/Restore Mi Account Apk (ADB)3. Add Factory Reset By Adb4. Add Auto Detect Devices (Adb/COM)5. Improved Ui And Features 6. New Beautiful Ui7. Reboot To Recovery/EDL From FastBoot


1. Add Sync Efs


1. From Now You Can Register And Your Account Will Activated As Trial Automatic2. Trial Account Is For 45 Days3. You Can Get Trail Activation Only One Time forever

How To Use?

  1. First Download Tool
  2. Setup tool (No Need for password or key for setup)
  3. An open tool from a desktop icon
  4. Click on Sign up button and fill all details – For Security reason do not use you main email id
  5. Once the tool is registered your ID pass
  6. now back to the main login window and fill in all required details – your login id pass who was you create
  7. once you have log in you do need again to again fill in these details
  8. Enjoy!!!


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