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Enable DIAG Port In Jio Phones – Jio DIAG Port Easy-Way -2021

EDL mode and DIAG port both are important for any Qualcomm devices [android & Keypad]. DIAG port must be enabled on Jio Qualcomm phones to repair IMEI and EDL required to flash firmware. That means, you need to know what’s the exact difference between DIAG port and EDL mode.

Diag port or Diag mode also known as “Diagnostic Mode” that is required to test all kinds of software with specific hardware of the device. Actually, it’s a celebration mode to test and develop compatible software and hardware management. Similarly, we can also use the same DIAG port in mobile repairing such as IMEI flashing and much more.

If we talk about EDL mode, it is also known as “emergency download mode”. Basically, it required you to flash any Qualcomm Smartphone and keypad mobile without authorization. For example, Xiaomi devices come with a pre-locked bootloader from the manufacturer. So, we can’t flash official stock ROM without unlock bootloader. But, if the bootloader is locked and the device is bricked then boot the device into EDL mode and flash it without unlock bootloader of the device.

But it’s not the same for Jio Qualcomm devices. There is no locked bootloader but EDL mode is must for flashing. I hope now the difference between EDL mode and DIAG mode is very clear.

Now comes to the main point and learn the requirements of Qualcomm Jio DIAG mode.

Probably, As we already said that DIAG port should be enabled on Jio phone before IMEI flashing. But many of you think that the latest jio firmware flashing can enable DIAG port. Believe me guys, you are absolutely wrong and it won’t work for you.

old method:

Jio F90m diag port is not working, then you can solve the problem in this way. For flashing the Jio F90m , you have to pay attention to many important things. Only then you can flash the live keypad.

  • First, replace the Loader file of the new File with the old File.
  • Loader File for Jio F90m is under folder Boot_images > Build > ms > bin > 8909 > emmc
  • Copy all files from EMMC of the Latest File to the Old File.
    To flash the Jio F90m you need a boot key. The boot key of all models of the Jio keypad is different.
  • use the Old file to flash Jio F90m.

 Jio F90m Press UP key + Down key (Center key ) Then Connect Mobile to PC

Jio all model Boot Key

With UP key + Down key (Center key ) your mobile will go into flash mode. Then you can easily flash.

The new method – Working

Erase All Then Flash After Flash Done First Time When On Your Device Then Write IMEI…

When Power On Process Then You See Your Device Manager Diag Port. then Just Open QLM IMEI Repair Tool And Write IMEI…

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