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Save BLOBS No Jailbreak! BlobSaver iOS 14 Shsh2 Free For All Users…

How you can save your blobs for an unjailbroken device this is super easy, it does require a computer, this works on mac, windows and it works on Linux. I do want to mention if you guys are currently jailbroken there is an easier method in my opinion by doing it directly on your device with saving blobs tweak. for those of you that are not jailbroken this is a way that you can save your blobs and it’s actually really really handy.

A lot of people ask, what are blobs? it’s basically device-specific information that allows you to restore that device to a certain firmware and the beauty of it is when you have those blobs saved you can restore that device to that firmware without it being signed by apple as long as the SEP is compatible and there can be conflicts with that as long as the SEP is compatible from what I understand you can restore that device to that firmware that you have the blobs saved. for so essentially this lets you either downgrade or upgrade your device as long as you have those blobs saved and the version of ios does not have to be signed because obviously if it’s being signed by apple you don’t need to do any of this you can just restore your device to that firmware.


  • This is the full release of v3.0; if you have the beta please update
  • Read both the generator and APNonce from devices, so blobs can be saved on unjailbroken devices with a known generator/ApNonce pair (major thanks to @nyuszika7h for discovering this!)
  • Now uses the system scheduler for saving blobs in the background instead of having blobsaver run constantly in the background, reducing system resource usage (launched on macOS, task scheduler on Windows, system timers on Linux)
  • Presets are now called saved devices and support an unlimited number of devices
  • Added feature to export/import saved devices to/from XML
  • Allow optionally specifying a generator
  • Fix getting stuck in recovery mode when trying to read APNonce
  • Improved performance and error handling
  • Added support for some devices that I missed previously
  • Java is now included and does not require a separate installation (also updated to Java 16)
  • UI updates
  • Add basic & anonymous analytics that can be disabled from the “Help” menu
  • A lot of other misc. fixes and enhancements + major code cleanup/reorganization

How To Save BLOB Watch Video !!!

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