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GENERAL TOOL V2.0 Free Download | Qualcomm | MTK | Huawei | Xiaomi | LG

GENERAL TOOL V2.0 is a small tool for Windows computers by team. the tool allows users to Unlock, FRP Bypass Samsung on the MTP method, Fastboot, ADB, Qualcomm, MTK, or more phone features are supported. it is a very useful tool nowadays. the tool is a complete package of all types of solutions. only you need to download the tool and install it on your windows computer. after you have downloaded you no need to activation or credit balance you simply double-click to open the tool and use it.

Features General Tool:

( Samsung )
1-Arabic New Without internetArabic 11.x.x Arabic 10.x.x Arabic 9.x.x Arabic 8.x.x Arabic 7.x.x Arabic 6.x.x Arabic 5.x.x Arabic Keyboard Change Arabic More local2-Unlock SIM Unlock SIM Verizon Unlock SIM Sprint(SU)Unlock SIM ChinaTelecomUnlock SIM ChinaTelecom(SU)Unlock SIM T-Mobile(SU)Unlock SIM MetroPcsUnlock SIM A11 TMK/TMBUnlock SIM A21 TMK/TMBUnlock SIM A51 TMK/TMB3-Remove AppRemove App VerizonRemove App SprintRemove App ATT&TRemove App T-MobileRemove App AmazonRemove App ChineTelecom4-Change CSCChangeCSC 11.x.xChangeCSC 10.x.xChangeCSC 9.x.xChangeCSC 8.x.x5-Remove ScreenLockRemove Screen Lock (No Root)Restore SystemUIRemove Screen Lock (With Root)FRP ADBFix Reboot BootloopPart Samsung1-Format By modem Port2-Reboot Recovery Modem Port3-Reboot Download mode Modem Port4-Fix 3G Sprint modem Port5-Zero SPC Serial Port6-Bypass Frp (Exynos-CPU)7-Bypass Frp (Exynos-CPU) method-28-Bypass Frp VZW Modem Port6-FRP-Samsung Account Download ModeBypass_Samsung_Account_Google_Account_Qualcomm_cpu all Samsung old devicesFRP MTP SAMSUNGOpen DIAG (SU)Open DIAG Samsung
( LG )
1-Unlock SIMQ710P BST/SPRunlock LG LS775unlock LG LS770unlock LG LS676unlock LG LS675unlock LG LS665unlock LG LS997unlock LG LS740unlock LG LS885unlock LG SP200ALL MTKPart LG Phones1-Open Port LG Phones2-Skip Lock Screen (modem – Serial) Port3-Format Or wipe Data (modem Port)4-Reboot Download Mode modem port5-Open Hidde menu modem Port6-Zero SPC Serial Port7- Enable ADB Modem Port8-Modem Reset Modem Port9-Enable Diag Modem Port10-Unlock Lg Sprint With ADB2-ADB TOOLUnlock Download Mode TracFone (SU)FRP Google ADBChange Network CDMAChange Network GSMChange Arabic3-RepairsUnlock And Fix SIM LG X210 And ALLFix Hand Free LGFix Hand Free LG New Stylo5Enable DIAGAdd APNAPP ShortcutAPP Hidden MenuEnable Unknown Source1-UnlockReboot EDLUnlock SIM ZTE MTKUnlock SIM ZTE Sprint2-Bypass Google Account ZTETracFoneBypass Google Account ZTE Z233VLBypass Google Account ZTE Z353VLBypass Google Account ZTE Z557BLBypass Google Account ZTE Z558VLBypass Google Account ZTE Z610DLBypass Google Account ZTE Z716BLBypass Google Account ZTE Z717VLBypass Google Account ZTE Z719DLBypass Google Account ZTE Z798BLBypass Google Account ZTE Z799VLBypass Google Account ZTE Z818LBypass Google Account ZTE Z819LBypass Google Account ZTE Z836BLBypass Google Account ZTE Z837VLBypass Google Account ZTE Z861BLBypass Google Account ZTE Z862VLBypass Google Account ZTE Z899VLBypass Google Account ZTE Z916BLBypass Google Account ZTE Z917VLBypass Google Account ZTE Z936LBypass Google Account ZTE Z955LBypass Google Account ZTE Z962BLBypass Google Account ZTE Z963VLBypass Google Account ZTE Z986DL3-FRP EDLremove FRP ZTE N9521remove FRP ZTE N9131remove FRP ZTE N9560remove FRP ZTE N9517remove FRP ZTE N9518remove FRP ZTE N9519remove FRP ZTE N9132remove FRP ZTE N9136remove FRP ZTE N9137remove FRP ZTE Z963Uremove FRP ZTE Z833remove FRP ZTE Z982
( ANS )
1-ANS UL40FRP Google2-ANS UL50FRP Google3-ANS L51( Huawei )1-Remove FRP Code PWD2-FRP ADB 3-FRP Fastboot Old and New4-Arabic 5-Unlock SIM MTK( Motorola )1-Arabic2-Add DST APN App3-Edit APN4-3G (ROOT)5-Change Network CDMA6-Change Network GSM( FASTBOOT )1-Info Selected2-Format User Data3-unlock Selected4-Reboot EDL5-Reboot Home6-OEM Unlock7-Zero ModemNOnePlusUnlock SIMOpen DIAG (SU)in Fastboot Interface+ General- Unlock Bootloader ( HTC )- Read INFO – Fix Hang Logo- Xiaomi WIFI Fix- OEM Unlock- Enable DIAG- Eares IMEI – Format Factory- MI Account Remove+ FRP- FRP Lenovo  A2020A40  A2020A41  A2020A46  A6000  A6010  A6020A40  A6020I36  K32C36  K33  TAB4 TB-8504X  TAB4 8 PLUS TB-8704X  TAB4 8 PLUS TB-8704F  TAB3 8 PLUS TB-8703X  TAB3 8 PLUS TB-8703F  TAB 4 10 TB-X304F  TAB 4 10 PLUS TB-X704L  TAB 4 10 PLUS TB-X704F  TAB4 TB-8504F  TAB 2 TB2-X30L  TAB 2 TB2-X30F  TAB 10 TB-X103F  PHAP PB1-770M  PHAP PB1-750M  K6 Note K53A48  K6 K33A48  K53A48  K33B36  K33A42- FRP Remove Xiaomi- FRP Remove Huawei  Android 5.x.x  Android 6.x.x  Android 7.x.x- FRP HTC  HTC One M9PLUS  HTC 728  HTC 728h  HTC 728g  HTC 830  HTC 820  HTC 825  HTC 828w  HTC 630  HTC 628  HTC 626  HTC 530  HTC 526  HTC 550  HTC 520  HTC M9  HTC U11  HTC A9  HTC Desire 626S  HTC Desire 12  HTC 526 Verizon- FRP Micro Max- FRP Universal- FRP Qualcomm-VIVO-SOON-OPPO- Bypass FRP Oppo EDL ModeA33A33FA33MA37FA51FA51WR7SFR7S PLUSR7SMR7 PLUS MR7 PLUS FR7 (R7G)F1FCPH1707 R11CPH1701 A57CPH1607 R9SR9STA30CPH1611 R9S PLUSCPH1613 F3 PLUSR9 PLUSMAR9 PLUSTMR9 PLUSTMAX9079FORMATA33A33FA33MA37FA51FA51WR7SFR7S PLUSR7SMR7 PLUS MR7 PLUS FR7 (R7G)F1FCPH1707 R11CPH1701 A57CPH1607 R9SR9STA30CPH1611 R9S PLUSCPH1613 F3 PLUSR9 PLUSMAR9 PLUSTMR9 PLUSTMAX9079

File Information:

  • Filename:- GENERAL TOOL 2.0
  • File Size:- 162.46 MB
  • File Download:- Link
  • File Type:- rar
  • File Password:- N/A

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