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S-Tool 1.0.4 Beta4 Release Free Download

Introducing S-Tool 1.0.4 a simple all-in-one Unlock and Server Tool. Unlock Your Devices via IMEI with a high success ratio or directly with a USB Cable for instant service. Featuring FREE MiCloud Activation Lock Check for Xiaomi devices. One time use Flexihub token for remote work on the fly. With constant updates and features added, developed in Cambodia, and coded with love.

Features S-Tool 1.0.4:

>>> Special Functions on the S-Tool <<<* Auto Detected by Chipset Type* Python integrated no needed to install, but you need to install ‘libusb-win32-devel-filter’ once for the first time
Current Brand Supported – Xiaomi
Xiaomi: Check MiCloud Activation and MiCloudServer Running

  • USB Unlock
  • IMEI Unlock
  • Activation & Credit
  • Instant Check Xiaomi MiCloud Lock Checker
  • Buy Flexihub
  • In USB Unlock Added MTK AUTH Bypass Free Without Credit Balance [NEW]


* New Update
-> Added: MiCloud Morocco Clean – Unlock  -> Added: MiCloud Hong Kong Clean – Unlock  -> Added: MiCloud Japan Clean – Unlock -> Added: MiCloud Madagascar Clean – Unlock -> Added: MTK Auth Security Bypass – OneClick Only-> Bugs fix and made improvements.
* Supported SoCs
(1) MT6261(2) MT6572(3) MT6580(4) MT6582(5) MT6735(6) MT6737(7) MT6739(8 ) MT6753(9) MT6755(10) MT6757(11) MT6761(12) MT6763(13) MT6765(14) MT6768(15) MT6771(16) MT6779(17) MT6785(18) MT6795(19) MT6797(20) MT6799(21) MT6873(22) MT6885(23) MT8127(24) MT8163(25) MT8173(26) MT8516(27) MT8695

File Information:

  • Filename:- S-Tool 1.0.4 Beta4
  • File Size:- 40 MB
  • File Download:- Link Mirror
  • File Type:- rar
  • File Password:- S-SERVER

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