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RDA IMEI repair tool Free Download – [22-02-2021] Updated

In this post download RDA imei repair tool (with all version)

RDA Chipset phones and tablets can have their IMEI number changed with this RDA IMEI Tool. This small program allows you to change the unique IMEI number on devices running the RDA compliant chipset. The program itself is very straight forward and is small in size. Not only IMEI, this tool can be used to change other Read-Only numbers on compatible devices. Some other highlighted features include writing MBSN. Read further to find out more details about this tool and also, download links to all versions of RDA IMEI tool.

Features of RDA IMEI Tool

Write IMEI:

It allows you to write IMEI on any RDA Smartphone and Tablets, whether it is of Single SIM, Dual SIM or Multiple SIMS (upto 4 IMEI).

Write MBSN:

It allows you to write the MBSN on any RDA Smartphone and Tablets. You can Manually Input the MBSN number or load it from the text file.

Write PSN:

It allows you to write the PSN number on your RDA device. PSN number can be entered manually, or can be loaded from any text file or can be entered as custom Init code and Mask.

Write LCD Name:

It allows you to write the LCD name on your RDA chipset based Smartphone and Tablets. You can choose DSI, RGB and MCU options while writing the LCD name.

Write WiFI Mac:

It allows you to write the WiFi Mac address and Bluetooth Mac Address on your RDA Chipset based smartphone and Tablets.

Download RDA IMEI Tool

IMEI Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 10 (x32 or x64 bit). If in case you were looking for the latest version of the IMEI Tool, then use the following links to get it on your computer:

Procedure for Repair IMEI on RDA Chipset Devices by using RDA IMEI tool

Step 1:  First of all Download and install the Android USB Driver for your device into your Computer . If you have already installed the USB drivers then SKIP this step .

Step 2:  Download and Install RDA IMEI tool into your computer .

Step 3:  Open RDA IMEI tool by clicking on the icon “RDA Tool_english”

rda imei tutorial

 This Window will appear on the screen

rda imei tutorial

Step 4: Now, put the valid IMEI and click on “start” .

rda imei tutorial

Step 5: Now, Power Off your Android smartphone .

Step 6: Now its time to connect your Android Smartphone device or Tablets to the Computer via using USB Cable And power on the phone .

Step 7: once IMEI repair completed successfully, A Succeeds Window will appear on the screen now ,Click on “OK” to Close it.

Step 8: Now, close the tool by clicking on the “Exit” Button.

Step 9: Now Restart your device .

Congratulation, It means you have been successfully repair the IMEI of your Android Device .

Important Notes :-

  1. Charge Your Android Device Upto Minimum 60% – 80% before using this Tool .
  2. This tool will only works on RDA chipset Devices .
  3. Please use a valid IMEI .

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