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Read Write Tool Free Download – [21-02-2021] Updated

Read&write imei repair solution (all version)

Are you using an Android smartphone or tablet? Have you recently flashed a new custom ROM firmware in your Android device? If yes is your answer for both the questions then you will need download Read&Write tool from here, install it on your computer and use it to flash the original IMEI in your device.

Although your device will work properly without an IMEI, we recommend you to use this tool to flash original IMEI in your device. Here we have managed to provide all versions of Read&Write Tool.

Features of read&write tool:-

Simple Interface:

It comes with very simple interface that allows you to quickly Read the Current IMEI from your Device and Write the IMEI on your device (including single or dual IMEI).

Flash IMEI on Mediatek Device:

It allows you to flash IMEI on any Mediatek FeaturePhone, Smartphone and Tablets. To flash IMEI on Mediatek Device you need to have the Database File (AP, BP) which came with the stock firmware of your device.

Flash IMEI on Spreadrum Device:

It allows you to Flash IMEI on any Spreadtrum FeaturePhone, Smartphone and Tablets. You dont have to add any Database File in order to flash IMEI on Spreadtrum Devices.

Flash IMEI on Qualcomm Device:

It allows you to Flash IMEI on Qualcomm FeaturePhone, Smartphone and Tablets. It doesnt require you to add any database file (AP, BP) to flash the IMEI on Qualcomm devices.

Other Features:

It also allows you to flash the SN Address, APSN Address, MEID Address, Bluetooth Address and WiFi Address on your Smartphone and Tablets.

Download Read&Write Tool

Points To Remember

1) Read and Write IMEI Tool is created by WangWenjiang (Android Developer). So all credits must go to him.

2) Use this tool to flash the original IMEI in your device as flashing different IMEI on your device is illegal in a lot of countries.

3) If you encounter any issues or errors while using this IMEI tool, share it with us by dropping a comment below.


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