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iRAMDisk 2.0 Passcode bypass iOS 11 up to iOS 15

iRAMDisk Expert v2.0, iOS11 up to iOS 15 checkm8 exploit no need Checkra1n or any Jailbreak, This is the first version of new passcode bypass for iOS15, you might see not a full support for iservices yet. But it’s full function passcode bypass. with this method, you can also save activation from a supported device running iOS11 and update to iOS15 to bypass the passcode.

New passcode / disable backup activation files and bypass iOS11 & iOS15 ipwndfu mode (new method)

This is the latest method to bypass activation on devices with a passcode or disable lock screen working on iOS14 and iOS15, this is possible because of the checkm8 exploit running on A9 up to A11 devices.

  • Call SMS Works ✅
  • Untethered ✅
  • No, Avoid re-lock ✅
  • No JB Required ✅
  • Bank apps Not detecting JB ✅
  • No battery drain ✅
  • iCloud sign ❌
  • Notification ❌
  • iMessage / facetime ❌

1 Version will be fast released
while many users ask about this
our team will still work to make iservices
I am sorry that all other teams in the market lie about iservices but we

How to use it?:

Step 1 
Connect DFU Mode 
Step 2 
Enter Pwndfu Mode it’s the most important thing if shows exploit failed try again 2-3 times, IF the tool says the Device is now pwned Mode you can continue. 
Step 3 
Booting the device takes 10 seconds, if the phone is rebooting it’s wrong you need it to retry again. 
Step 4 
Passcode Bypass Backup when the tool says backup saved you must check first the activation files on pc documents folder that has your ECID named, if the folder is without activation files you need to try again all steps.

Changelog !!!

📣 iRamdisk Expert V2.0 Fast Available 💚

💚 Support iPhone 7 to Till X ✅
💚 iCloud Login, Notfication👌
💚 Bank Apps, No avoid Re-lock ✌️
💚No Battery drain 👍

⚡️No Need Install Dependencies ✅
⚡️Recommended Catalina to Monterey ✅
⚡️Stable Method for Ipwndfu A10 / A11 ✅
⚡️ Stable server protected by the best StormWall Pro

Download Link:

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