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Stylo 6 Carrier Unlock 1.0 Free Download

Hello everyone,

Today Mastercodeon released a carrier unlocking tool Mastercodeon has developed around mtkclient to carrier unlock the LG Stylo 6.

Unlocking your cell phone lets you switch carriers without buying a new device. All carriers are required to let you do this, as long as you’ve paid off the phone. Many smartphones can work with any U.S. carrier. You can check your phone’s compatibility.

Features Stylo 6 Carrier Unlock:

  • Force Brom
  • Cancel Button
  • Power Device OFF
  • Carrier Unlock

How To Use?

Simply follow the driver installation for the windows section of mtkclient. The tool relies on a prepackaged setup that has mtkclient and SPFlash tool bundled together, I have a 7z hosted here. Download that and extract its contents to a folder named mtkclient, this folder should reside alongside Stylo6MTKCarrierUnlock.exe.If you download the Release 7z from here or the Github page, it will already come with this folder included. You only need to download this separately if you are building from the source.

Then open Stylo 6 Carrier Unlocker. Next, unplug the device and power it off completely. Press Force Brom, and plug the device in. If the device goes to the charging screen, let it power on if it decides to then shut it off again, this time wait a few seconds before plugging the USB cable in while the force brom command is armed in the tool. Once connected, the tool will prompt you to unplug the USB cable, then press Carrier unlocks and watches the magic happen! All this does is get the tool connected with mtkclient, then erase the nvdata, NVRAM, protect1, and protect2 partitions.

Do note that at this time, I don’t know if the bootloader has to be unlocked for the carrier unlock to work. Some, if not all of those partitions may be write-protected while the bl is locked. Keep in mind that this is a very early release, so it does have some threading bugs I’ve still gotta work out. But for the most part, it will run just fine as long as you don’t run commands over and over as I did during my testing. Another thing to note is that after the carrier unlocks, the partition erase will power off the device, the same as running mtk reset afterward, so no need to press Reboot device.

If the program crashes while running a command, kill it with the task manager and look for 2 processes, python.exe, and flash_tool.exe if either of those and running, kill them. Then restart the app and everything should work fine. The app uses both pythons to run mtkclient and sp flash tool to do some preconnect functions to allow mtkclient to force Brom. So sometimes if it crashes one or both of those processes won’t get killed in the code.
Any questions, help or support, or questions, feel free to ask. Hope everyone finds this as useful as I will, enjoy!

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