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Latest Update – TFT UNLOCKER Digital v1.5.7.8

TFT UNLOCKER Digital V1.5.7.8 is a small windows computer tool. it has come with a lot of new models and features supported. the tool is supported by Qualcomm, spd CPU, and allowed users to format, FRP bypass, unlock sim, and auth bypass on MTK CPU. the tool is supported by some models with which you can easily do many functions with a single click only.

Features TFT Digital Unlocker:


  • Fixing Connecting the device to Brom
  • Add a new Model


Sideload mode with MI assistant, support Qualcomm +
Mediatek version android 11, 12

  • Reset | Disable Mi Cloud No Relock (Qualcomm)
  • Erase FRP
  • Format Data
  • Read Info
  • Reset Mi Cloud (Mediatek)>>New
  • Wipe EFS


  • Samsung FRP enable ADB (#0#) new security patch 2022
  • [COM] Remove FRP Method : [1] Old Security Patch
  • Added [COM] Remove FRP Method : [2] New Security Patch
  • Added [COM] Remove FRP Method : [3] New Security Patch)>>New
  • Added [EDL] ERASE FRP
  • Added [BROM] ERASE MDM


  • Added [USB 1.0] ERASE FRP
  • Added [EDL] ERASE FRP
    Kirin (650|655|658|659|960|970|710|810)


  • Added New Loader Spreadtrum


  • Added New Loader Spreadtrum
  • Added [EDL] ERASE FRP


Tap Flash
- Added Flash MTK Scatter File 
Tap Securty
- Added Dump Boot
- Added Dump Preloader
- Added Oppo Custom Backup
- Added Backup Room
- Added Read Flash
- Added Read RPMB 
- Added Auth Bypass
- Added crash to Brom
- Added Disable Verity / Realme
- Added SIM Unlock
- Added Fix IMEI
- Added Realme / Oppo / Vivo Fix Baseband

 Added New Model iTel [SPD] 
Tap Securty
  iTel A11
  iTel A12
  iTel A13
  iTel A14
  iTel A14 Plus
  iTel A14 Max
  iTel A14S
  iTel A16
  iTel A16 Plus
  iTel A20
  iTel A21
  iTel A23 Pro
  iTel A25
  iTel A25 Pro
  iTel A26
  iTel A33
  iTel A36
  iTel A37
  iTel A40
  iTel A41
  iTel A41 Plus
  iTel A42 Plus
  iTel A44 Air
  iTel A44 Power
  iTel A51
  iTel A55 LTE
  iTel A56
  iTel A56 LTE
  iTel A56 Pro
  iTel AC60
  iTel P11
  iTel P12
  iTel P15
  iTel P33
  iTel P33 Plus
  iTel P41
  iTel S15
  iTel S15 Pro
  iTel S16 Pro (Vision 2)
  iTel SA633
  iTel V41
  iTel Vision 1 P36 Play
  iTel Vision 1 P36 Play Pro

 Added New Model Tecno [SPD] 
Tap Securty
  Tecno Pop 5 Go
  Tecno POP 5X
  Tecno Spark 7

Tap Repair
- Fix Read Root

Download Link:: Download Link 1 \ Download Link 2

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