MCT Dongle V2.1.1 Cracked Free Download

Today I will tell you about a new crack tool in this article called “MCT Dongle V2.1.1 Cracked“. This is a tool in which you will get the solution for every mobile without any money. With the help of the MCT Dongle Crack tool, you can unlock mobile and remove FRP from Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Lava, Huawei, and ETC.

The first two versions of this tool have been cracked which are working very well. To use this software you just have to download and install it. For this, you do not need any keygen or any key.

Just like you are running the original setup you have to do the same but here you do not need any dongle and box. So let me tell you some of its features Below !!!

Features MCT Dongle V2.1.1:

Unlocking!Read & Write Pin – Pattern, FRP Unlock, Anti Theft Unlock, Network Unlock, Account ID Unlock
Multiple Functions
Many Flashing & Back-Up Functions. Dead Fix, EMMC Testing, Lots Of Utils!
Update Support
MCT will release monthly updates with amazing functions!


  • SDM Platform Flashing
  • EMMC Test


  • SDM Platform backup
  • EMMC Backup


  • Read Pattern
  • Read Pin ( Bruteforce )
  • Read Password (Bruteforce )
  • Remove All user lock ( No data Lose )
  • Reset All Security
  • Vivo Bootloader Unlock ( Data
  • One Plus Bootloader Unlock
  • Xiaomi Bootloader Unlock
  • Meizu Bootloader Unlock


  • EMMC Read Pattern
  • EMMC read Pin
  • EMMC Read Password


  • Xiaomi DM-Verify
  • Xiaomi Wifi/Sensor Fix


  • IMEI Repair
  • QCN Backup / Restore
  • Baseband Unknown Fix
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  •  Firmware Extraction
  •  Boot Unpack / Repack
  •  Sparse Convert


  •  File Explorer
  •  Contacts Recovery
  •  Call Log Recovery
  •  SMS Recovery

File Information:

File Name:MCT Dongle V2.1.1
File Size:820 MB
File Download:Setup, Loader

By Yogesh Joshi

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