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OPPO Secret Code – 2022 | Tested All Codes on Various Devices

OPPO Secret Code is help users to perform many hidden tasks on device in an only dial one code. If you know some device is FRP also bypass by single code only. The all codes I have tested on many devices, it works 100% on all oppo smartphone. You can try all codes on your own risk, if any problem with the code then I have not responsible.

What Are The Oppo Secret Codes?

Oppo secret codes are the kinds of codes that can help you to explore the hidden features of your device. These are the special kind of codes that are offered by Oppo. These codes can also help you to fix any minor issue if you are facing with your Oppo handset.

OPPO Secret Code – 2022 List

NameSecret Codes
Enter Engineering
Enter switch test
automatically engineering
TTFF GPS test mode
Enter Engineering
networks test mode
disconnect test mode
Bluetooth test mode
aging test mode
Enter Engineering
test mode
Enter manual
engineering test mode
Engineering echo test
view hardware
Pcb versions
photographs RBG
screen light long
machine info*#6776#
view software
function introduction
check IMEI

How Do I Use The Oppot Secret Codes?

It is very easy to use the secret codes of Oppo. For this, you just need to apply the following steps:

  1. Open your phone’s calling app.
  2. There, just dial any of the Oppo Secret codes of your choice.
  3. Doing this will display the relevant information of your choice in the form of a flash message.

So, these are the simple steps that you should go through to use these codes.

What Is Oppo Secret Code Hard Reset?

*2767*3855# is the hard reset code of Oppo that you can use.

What Is Oppo Engineering Mode Code 2022?

The engineering model code of Oppo is *#0011#. You can use this code to access developer features.

Why Are My Oppo Secret Code Tests Not Working?

There might be some technical glitch that’s why your Oppo secret code might not be working. In such scenarios, you can restart your device.

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