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ROM2box V3.7 Free Download

ROM2box V3.7 for Windows is a smartphone repair software update. This version adds new features like a Fastboot tab for advanced users and improved support for various phone models from brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and more. It also fixes bugs and improves functionality for several specific devices.

MTK Auth BypassYes
MTK FRP bypassYes
MTK Pattern userlock bypassYes
MTK Flash Single partitionYes
MTK full flashYes
MTK Read Full Firmware & PartitionsYes
MTK Prepare Firmware for SP tool (extract using 7zip)Yes
MTK unlock/Relock bootloaderYes
QCOM Read FirmwareYes
QCOM flash firmwareYes
QCOM bypass FRPYes
QCOM bypass Mi accountYes
QCOM bypass patternYes
MTK bypass Mi accountYes
Repair IMEIit can but Not Included
MTK SP Flash toolit can but Not Included
Driver IncludedYes
Spreadtrum flashYes
Spreadtrum ReadNo
Spreadtrum FRPNo (in next update)
Samsung FRPYes
Samsung FlashYes
Samaung OdinYes
Download agent packageAddition 4GB 1000+devices
Supported Devices
Xiaomi QCOM79+ smartphones
Vivo QCOM25+ smartphones
Oppo QCOM51+ smartphones
Xiaomi MTKALL (excluding new)
VIVO MTKALL (excluding new)
Oppo MTKALL (excluding new)
ADB InterfaceYes
Fastboot InterfaceYes
bootloader unlock3 Generic Method + MTK Method
fastboot to EDL3 method
fastboot flashYes
Scatter FlashYes
MTK Client, SP Download (MI) and SP toolYes
Moto blank FlashYes
bloatware removeruniversal script for oppo/vivo/samsung/xiaomi
APK InstallerYes
fastboot flasherYes
GSI Flash (system image (blank vbmeta included))system image (blank vbmeta included)
Pac ExtractorYes
Pac flasherYes
upgrade download (free)free
Source codeavailable for download

What’s new

Changes in V3.7:

  • added fastboot tab
  • fastboot functions read gpt, erase, flash, read the info, unlock the bootloader, erase frp, erase and flash partitions, factory reset, reboot edl, reboot fast boot, reboot system
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How to install it?

  • To start, you should download ROM2Box v3.2, which includes a full setup file. After that, extract all the files of ROM2Box v3.2 into the C: drive. In my case, the path is “C:\ROM2box_V3.2“.
  • Next, download the latest version of ROM2Box v3.7 and extract it into the same path. You can extract all the files of ROM2Box 3.2 and replace them with new files.
  • Now, run the tool as an administrator by clicking on “ROM2Box.exe“. Once you have opened the tool, connect your device to the computer, choose the desired option, and perform all tasks free of cost.

Congratulations! You can now enjoy using ROM2Box.

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