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Turbo Service Mobile Tool V1.0.6 (2024) Free Download

Turbo Service Mobile Tool is a mobile phone servicing software with frequent updates. This release (V1.0.6) adds new Samsung EDL loaders for various models and introduces support for additional brands including 5G models from Samsung, Xiaomi, and Motorola. It also improves existing features like Samsung flashing and bug fixes. You can find the latest version below.

Turbo Service Mobile Tool

Features Turbo Service Mobile Tool

ServiceSupported Models
Open Diag Menu
Open APN Settings
Factory Reset [MODEM]
Remove FRP [MTK]
Open Diag Menu Sprint
Open Hidden Menu
Factory Reset [Serial]
Reset Security [Download]
Factory Reset [Download]
Remove FRP [Download]LM-X320PM, LG-SP200, LG-SP320, LG-Q710PL, LG-Q710AL, LM-X220PM, LG-Q710P, LM-X410P, LM-X410PM, LM-X410BCW, LM-X410BTW, LM-X410EO, LM-X410EOW, LM-X410FC, LM-X410FCW, LG-Q710BAW, LG-Q710EM, LG-Q710FA, LG-Q710FM, LG-Q710HS, LG-Q710GX, LG-Q710HSW, LG-Q710NAW, LG-Q710YAW, LG-Q710BAW, LG-Q710YBW, LG-X230, LG-X320P
ServiceSupported Models
Change CSC
Bypass FRP (MTP)
Open Diag Menu
Open PreConfig
Open IMS Settings
Open APN Settings

ServiceSupported Models
Flash Stock Firmware [BAT]
Enable Diag Generic Without Root
Enable Diag Generic With Root
Read Info [SideLoad]
Wipe Data [SideLoad]

Motorola Services: [Fastboot]

ServiceSupported Models
Flash Stock Firmware [XML]
Read Info
Factory Reset
EFS Explorer [Read/Write/Delete/Explorer]Read/Write/Delete/Explore EFS
Read/Write NV Data [NV/NVF/QCN]Read/Write NV Data, NVF, QCN
Read/Write QCNRead/Write Qualcomm Calibration Network file (QCN)
Read/Reset SPCRead/Reset Service Programming Code (SPC)

Changelog Turbo Service Mobile Tool:

V1.0.62024-04-20 12:04:31* Added New Samsung EDL Loaders for various Galaxy models.
* Added new models and methods for 4G including All 5G Samsung[Beta], All 5G Xiaomi[Beta], All 5G Motorola[Beta], and All 4G Motorola[Beta].
* Added functionalities: LT open diag menu [IMS/Diag], enable diag motorola [Fastboot], Disable Mi OTA Update [MediaTek], auto detect diag port 4G Cdma/Volte.
* Improvements to samsung flasher gui and protocol, bug fixes.
V1.0.52024-04-15 11:45:34* Added button for replace sim [force] 4G.
* Added new models for 4G: Various Galaxy A and Galaxy On models, Galaxy A52, LG V40, V20, V60 ThinQ 5G, LT P40, P9, P9I, P20.
* Improvements to Samsung flasher gui and protocol, bug fixes.
V1.0.42024-04-09 23:30:48* Added support for MTK devices: remove Tecno MDM, Orange State, Oppo/Realme MDM, change Samsung kg to Active, add Samsung Open IMS (Shortcut and SideKey).
* Added functionalities for 4G models: Auto
* Added support for various Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S models.
* Added support for Huawei/Honor Y7 Prime, Y7 Pro, Y7, Y6 Prime, 8C.
* Added support for ALL VIVO models.
* Added support for various Xiaomi/REDMI models including Redmi Note, Redmi K, Mi, Civi.
* Added support for LG LM-G820UM.
* Added support for various Motorola models.
* Added support for more devices.
V1.0.32024-03-23 21:36:20Improvements and bug fixes.
V1.0.22024-03-22 13:43:04* Added New Samsung Devices: S24, S24+, S24 Ultra, S23, S23+, S23 Ultra, S22, S22+, S22 Ultra (Flash Debug, ReadBack, Remove FRP, Factory Reset, Remove KG [Beta]).
* Added support for various new Samsung Galaxy S and SM models.
* Added Samsung Flasher functionalities: auto-select firmware, allow partial flashing, Read Info From FW, Single / Multi FW Loading, Select/Deselect All.
* Added MTK Protocol functionalities: Flash, Read Scatter, Remove FRP, Factory Reset, Remove HWID, Bypass Mi-Account, Read-Write-Erase Partitions, Read-Write-Erase RPMB, Change KG Samsung, Samsung Force to Brom, support for various MTK chips, support for over 1000 MTK models.
* Added FRP Remove for various MTK Samsung A and SM models.
V1.0.12024-03-12* Added FRP Bypass FRP (USA-2024) for various Samsung Galaxy A, G, S, SM and F models (U Firmwares only).
* Added Samsung Flasher functionalities: auto select firmware, allow partial flashing, Read Info From FW, Single / Multi FW Loading, Select/Deselect All.
* Added Unlock/Relock Bootloader functionality for various MTK chips (Alcatel/LG/Zte/Xiaomi).

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