UMT Ultimate Multi Tool-MTK v3.8 | New Big Update 2021 | OPPO Realme Meta Reset Error Fix

In this post I have the latest file for UMT Ultimate Multi Tool-MTK v3.8 is a release today. the team has been fixing all errors face in the previous version. now the tool is error-free you have not to issue come from this update. team has been updated OPPO Realme Meta Mode Error fix and some other changes security updated, New Models Added more meta mode models support.

UMT Ultimate Multi Tool-MTK v3.8

Features UMT Ultimate Multi Tool-MTK v3.8

  • Simple but Advanced Flasher Interface to Flash Scatter Firmware on Normal and Secure boot MTK phones including Huawei, Moto, Lava, Lenovo, Qmobile, and Other Major Brands
  • Support Custom DA and Auth Selecting
  • Read Info
  • Reset FRP
  • FacRst 1 (META Mode) and FacRst 2 (META Mode) supported many new models to Factory Reset
  • Reset Lock on VIVO
  • Read Pattern and Reset Locks and Disable Locks
  • Formatting Methods(Format FS, Erase FS, Safe Format)
  • IMEI Repair Function with 7 types Methods
    • META(Old), META (New), META(VIVO), Boot Mode(Auto), Boot Mode(Old Method, Boot Mode(New Method), Boot Mode(HTC Method, Meizu Mode
  • Reboot to (META, Factory, Fastboot)
  • NVRAM Tool (Backup NVRAM, Restore NVRAM)

Download UMT MTK Tool Setup (Latest Version)

Below is download link for setup(installer).

Size:109.12 MB
Previous Version UMT MTK TOOL 3.7 – Link
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By Yogesh Joshi

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