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Xiaomi Diagram Tool By Miko-Force Free Download – 2021

Xiaomi Diagram Tool by the Miko force team is developed for all windows computers and laptops. the Xiaomi DiagramTool is allowed users to showing schematics diagrams for all Xiaomi phones, only you need to search your model, and also you can scroll down on the tool and check your model if you stuck to find the model number. it helps users to PCB all component identification or value of all capacitors & register also you can check which line broke or not. it is very useful if you have a mobile technician. I have given you the link end of the post please download and install. and comment if you any problems with tool use.

Xiaomi Diagram Tool


Hide or show:

You can do with these features easily hide or show all model numbers in one click. is a very useful feature because if you need a full view of the diagram.

Refresh Diagram

You can also refresh all pdf files in one click if you have stuck to open or hang on any step. is needed function by users because you know I have also on windows right click and refresh any time. if you know what is the benefits of a refresh then you can easily understand.


You can also need this function because if any model is not listed by the developer. then you can also load a custom PDF diagram from your pc. you can any model of file open and view in the tool, it is very important because in features new models also come then you can easily download any pdf diagram file and load it in this tool.

Color Picker

You can easily pick a color and click on any track or component when you click on any component he highlighted all ways easily and you understand. is a very nice function that has been added to the tool.


You can easily adjust zoom/in-out is very important if you click on any model then he was showing you outside from the tool then you need to zoom out. if any object has been not clear look then you need to zoom in.

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the tool and unzip
  2. Next, you need to setup tool on your computer
  3. if the setup is done then you can run the tool from desktop
  4. You can check there is a shortcut that has been created you can simply click on there
  5. RUN Tool
  6. Done!!!

Credit# Schematic Pdf Owner

Download Link:

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